Wellies and Wellbeing

We have decided to launch a course of 6 Wellies and Wellbeing Sessions, during term time. These sessions will be run once a week on a Wednesday morning starting on the 7th June and will be open to anyone aged 6 -17. This is for children who are home educated, or for children who are not currently managing to attend school full time or perhaps at all.

The aim is to allow the children/young people to be around our incredible horses and ponies as well as our therapy centre animals. Time will be spent caring for these animals as well as time spent working with them too in a calm and quiet environment. Our hope is that the children will make friends in a small, manageable group with like minded people, that they will enjoy working with all sorts of different animals and really enjoy being somewhere different for a few hours a week. They will learn new skills and grow in confidence as they do so. Our staff are fully qualified with years of experience and we are happy to cater for all.

It is not essential to attend every one, however we feel children would benefit more by attending all six sessions.

If you are interested or would like more information/to book in please contact Jess on .

If your child is already registered with Ec Pro you can go straight ahead and get booked in.