Equine Therapy Sessions

Little Margate Equestrian Equine Therapeutic Centre is thriving at our base, here on the outskirts of Bodmin. We offer Private and Group sessions.

Our Equine Therapeutic sessions are all non-ridden sessions. They include time spent with the ponies on the yard or in the stable, grooming sessions, time spent learning how to handle a pony in the arena….finding ways to get through certain tasks and obstacles together, learning how our body language and emotions can affect those around us, building confidence and learning new skills.

These sessions are proven to help with anxiety and mental wellbeing amongst other things, which is much needed in this ever changing world we seem to find ourselves in.

Sessions are with fully qualified members of staff with years of experience. We see every single day how horses, ponies & other animals help children and adults of all ages and abilities. They allow people the chance to just “BE” away from the stresses of school and work. They allow children and teenagers to be away from their phones and screens and out in the fresh air in beautiful scenery. They teach people to believe in themselves, they help people’s confidence grow, they never ever tell anyone the secrets we tell them, and they are amazing listeners! They help us to exercise and move our bodies…. something so many have struggled to do during these past few years, they help people to achieve their dreams. I could honestly go on and on!!!!

As well as the horses and ponies we have lots of different animals here who are involved in the therapeutic sessions and are ready to make a difference. We have a therapy rabbit and a guinea pig. We also have some Pygmy goats who are heavily involved in our therapy sessions, chickens, puppies, dogs, and cats with some more secret arrivals who may be on the way!!

Funding is often offered for these sessions from various organisations, or some sessions are funded privately.

We are also able to offer ‘out’ visits with our therapy ponies. We are fully insured and able to visit primary and secondary schools, nursing homes and care homes, specialist schools and colleges, fetes…. you name it, if we are free, we can be there. We also offer visits with our other animals including puppies, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. Our Pygmy Goats will soon be available for ‘out’ visits too.

We especially love these visits as our animals make such a huge difference to people of all ages. It is amazing to take them to people who may not otherwise be able to access them and to see the benefits they offer.

We currently have some limited availability during term time 9am – 3pm, so please contact us for more information via at or call us on 01208 367 284.