Pony Share Scheme

Our Pony Share Scheme is perfect for children, adults or families who don’t want to take on the whole responsibility and/or cost of owning a horse or pony but would like to enjoy the benefits on a part time basis. It is also perfect if you don’t yet have the experience to own your own horse or pony but would like to in the future. We understand that the daily commitment of owning a horse or pony outright is often too much of a burden for today’s busy families. Our Pony Share scheme can turn your pony owning dreams into a reality, with all the fun, a fraction of the expense and none of the worry or regular mucking out!!

Our members have a share in a chosen horse or pony and pay a simple monthly maintenance cost by direct debit which helps towards feed, stabling, vet, worming, tack and farrier costs. You will be given a contract at the start of the share, but there is no set contract term. If you decide to stop sharing, for whatever reason, one weeks notice is acceptable.

Our members will be given as much help and support as is required so that they can enjoy their pony safely and work towards their personal goals and will be involved in all aspects of looking after their pony including grooming, mucking out, tacking up and field care.

There will be opportunities to take your pony to a show in the summer, join in with our in house competitions, possibly enjoy a beach ride depending on your experience, enjoy miles of off road hacking through Cardinham Woods which is right on our doorstep and you can use our olympic sized sandschool with floodlights, so you can ride even on those dark winter evenings. There will be picnic rides in the summer and invitations to summer bbq’s and special events.

The days you come to do your horse or pony will be discussed with you to suit everyone but as a rough idea you will have your horse or pony for 2 or 3 days a week. During term time, children will be able to do their pony 2 or 3 evenings a week and 2 or 3 days a week during the school holidays.

Price – £40 a week, includes full use of your horse or pony on your assigned days, 1 accompanied hack with a qualified member of staff once a week and 1 stable management session a week plus reduced rates on lessons. On your assigned days you will be responsible for your pony including feeding, mucking out, grooming etc.

This scheme is available for children aged 5 and upwards. All children will be closely supervised so parents can drop them off and leave them if that is what suits, or parents are welcome to join us and learn too!

Outright owning of a pony is very expensive these days. The British Horse Society averages costs of £7000 per year and that is without the twice daily trips to the stables.

Our Pony Share scheme is a fraction of this price.

  • We do all the work when you are not here, mucking out and care of the pony so you do not have to visit twice a day.
  • You do not have to worry about finding a suitable pony, not easy at all!! or pay a lump sum to buy it.
  • You do not have to worry about vet bills, worming, horse dentist, farrier etc etc!!
  • You will be outdoors having fun, in the fresh air, making friends, not sitting in front of a computer or ‘hanging’ around on street corners!!
  • You will be learning to be responsible by caring for your pony.
  • Would make a fab Christmas or birthday present!

Please do not feel that this scheme is just aimed at children, It really isn’t! We have some adults who are really enjoying this scheme and picking up where they left off when they were younger. All have their own individual goals, the most popular one being to eventually be able to ride their horse or pony along the beach 

This aims to provide you with a brief outline of what our Pony Share Scheme entails. We can discuss your individual needs and the Pony Share scheme in more detail so please do feel free to contact us.